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The use of LED lights has become more popular in the past decade and many people are opting for these elegant lights simply because of their appearance. But sheer beauty isn't enough to bring someone around to a new technology. So, why are LED lights better than your current lighting and why you should change them?

1)    Because LED lights do not draw energy in the same way that incandescent lights do, they cost about 80% less to operate. 
2)   Incandescent bulbs generate a massive amount of heat, often forcing consumers to run air conditioning to compensate for the excessive heat
       in confined areas.
3)   The third most common reason why LED lights are better is because they are so durable and long lasting.
4)   LED lights to provide a color that is crisp and bright like no other form of artificial light has been able to accomplish, hence providing customers and
       staff a  better and comfortable environment.
5)   Next is lifespan. Many LEDs are rated to have a 50,000+ hour lifespan, in this same amount of time you will buy over 50 regular incandescent bulbs
       or 5  compact fluorescent
6)   LED light bulbs do not have a filament or tube to break making them very durable. They also are typically made from plastic. If you happen to drop         or  mishandleb, you will not be left with a mess of broken glass.